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Testimonials for Donna Levinston Braff

 A Divorce, Estate Planning and Employment Client

“Over the last 15 years, I have had a need for legal advice and assistance in a variety of areas. In each instance, I have turned to Donna Levinston Braff and she has been a life-saver time and time again. She has guided me with her skill and legal knowledge in areas of divorce law, estate planning, as well as various business and employment-related issues. Donna has been creative in problem solving and has a clear vision of the endgame for the benefit of her client. 

Her warmth and concern for my well-being all along the way has enabled her to be an endearing lifelong advisor and counselor. Even though fees for legal services are never cheap, I have always felt that the bills I received from Donna’s office were very fair and the value I received from her legal services far exceeds the billings.”
Pamela G

A Divorce and Custody Client

“Donna has helped me in so many ways. She was a godsend to me both legally and emotionally during the most difficult times in my life. My marriage had turned into a battleground. I was dealing with physical and verbal abuse, as well as false claims to the authorities. On top of all my concerns for the safety and welfare of my daughter, with Donna’s guidance and direction we were able to work through an extremely difficult divorce process. 

The post-divorce issues were just as difficult, if not more so. Without Donna’s help I don’t believe I would have survived the issues of a divorce appeal, my needing power of attorney so I could sell our house, and some very painful property mediation sessions. After that there were issues of stolen parenting time, parental alienation, and information regarding my daughter being kept from me. In every one of these trying situations, Donna knew exactly what needed to be done. As a result, I have a very generous parenting time plan, and I enjoy a great relationship with my daughter. I now have my life in a sane and healthier place. 

Thank you, Donna.”
Guy F.

A Real Estate, Commercial Leasing and Estate Client

“For 20 years now, Donna’s been providing legal advice and counsel to me, in my capacity as the financial manager of a small business, and my family.  She’s reviewed commercial leases, real estate purchase agreements, mortgage agreements, business formation agreements and assisted with estate planning and estate administration.  The breadth of Donna’s expertise is always impressive.  She improves every transaction, because she brings wisdom and perspective to the table.  I have also appreciated that Donna’s services are reasonably priced.”
– Amy R.

A Litigation Client

“My family was in need of legal advice. My first phone call was to Donna Levinston Braff. Donna’s advice was invaluable to us. She guided us through the legal process with patience and in great detail. Her advice proved to be instrumental to the case. I will always be thankful to Donna Levinston Braff for her great advice. “
– Jane G.

An Adoption Client

“Donna was an excellent choice to help me with the adoption of my step son. Donna is very experienced and an effective communicator, guiding us every step of the way. She provided a good balanced view of how things could go during the process so we were prepared for any potential challenges that could come up along the way. Nancy is very organized and efficient, a very professional team! I would certainly recommend Donna’s services to others looking for an honest and fair attorney.”
– Andrew F.

An Estate Planning Client

“From the moment I met Donna I felt she really understood what my estate planning needs were. Throughout the process I know she really cared and gave a lot of thought to the process. I had some unusual circumstances and she made sure everything was cited in the best way possible. I would not hesitate to use her again for any future legal needs or to refer her to friends and family.”

A Very Complicated Probate Matter

“Donna handled a very difficult estate with a business. All problems were worked out. I am very satisfied and would recommend Donna for all of your needs.”
– Fred C.

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