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Family Law and Adoptions

New Jersey Family Law Representation

Donna Levinston Braff is an experienced family law attorney who is a creative and practical problem-solver and a forceful advocate for her clients. Her experience and confidence allow her to assist clients in making the best decisions for their families’ future.

She represents both men and women in cases including matters involving divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, divorce mediation, separation agreements, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, and adoptions.

When Donna Levinston Braff identifies cases that can be resolved amicably and without the costs of litigation, she highly recommends alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation and collaborative law. However, when bringing a matter to court becomes the only option, Donna aggressively litigates on behalf of her clients.

Donna Levinston Braff strives to provide all clients with realistic expectations and offers clear and thoughtful advice to help them remain calm and confident about the outcome of their case. She and her staff stay in constant communication with the client, fostering a strong attorney-client relationship.

For all new clients, Donna does not charge for the first half hour of the initial consultation. She views this time as an opportunity to start building a relationship with her client. For the remainder of the representation, she strives to keep her fees fair and reasonable. The law firm wants all clients to be happy with our legal services and advice.


Divorce can be a turbulent time for a family. Whether you’re facing child custody disputes or the division of marital assets, you need the assistance of an experienced, aggressive, and compassionate attorney like Donna Levinston Braff.

Regardless of whether it is a relatively simple divorce, or more challenging and complex case, divorce is always a life-changing event for you and your family. It is important to know that you are not alone in this process. Donna and her staff provide you with the necessary guidance during this difficult time.

Child Custody

The outcome of a custody battle can have an enormous impact on a parent-child relationship. Donna Levinston Braff strives to ensure you are able to secure the most favorable outcome possible, while protecting the best interests of your children and your relationship with them.

Child Support

The calculation of child support is a crucial aspect of every divorce involving children. The New Jersey child support guidelines are complex and therefore you should have the assistance of a family law attorney. Donna Levinston Braff has the knowledge and experience to help determine the amount you should pay or receive.


The financial obligation of alimony is a vital element in many New Jersey divorce settlements, especially in cases involving stay-at-home parents and cases in which there is a significant disparity in the respective incomes of the divorcing spouses. If you are the primary wage earner, Donna Levinston Braff can help to ensure you are not paying more than what is fair. Alternatively, if you are the payee, she can ensure that you receive the alimony to which you are entitled.

Parenting Time (Visitation)

Donna Levinston Braff has over three decades of experience assisting her clients in creating workable parenting time arrangements and visitation schedules.

Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

To help you minimize the high costs of litigation and the adverse effects of a courtroom battle, the Law Office of Donna Levinston Braff promotes alternative methods of reaching a divorce settlement, including mediation and collaborative law. Contact the Law Office of Donna Levinston Braff today to find out if alternative dispute resolution is appropriate for your divorce.

Domestic Violence

If you have been a victim of violence, threats, or abuse, contact Donna Levinston Braff, a New Jersey domestic violence lawyer who will advise you of your rights. She has decades of experience and is well equipped to counsel clients regarding restraining orders. When you entrust your case to us, we will take the immediate steps necessary to protect your rights during this difficult time.

If you are facing accusations of domestic abuse, or are the victim of unjustified allegations of domestic violence, you will require competent and effective legal representation. Call the Law Office of Donna Levinston Braff today to guide and represent you against these serious charges.

Post-Judgment Modifications

Circumstances often change after a divorce. When the terms of your divorce agreement are no longer practical and you wish to change your existing arrangement, or when one party has failed to comply with the terms of a court order, you need the help of a seasoned family law attorney. Contact the Law Office of Donna Levinston Braff to learn more about how we can help you in matters concerning modification, enforcement and contempt.

  • Post-Judgment Divorce Litigation
  • Enforcement and Modifications of Divorce Agreements and Court Orders
  • Modifications to Existing Custody and Parenting Plans/Visitation Plans
  • Motions to Increase or Decrease Child Support or Alimony
  • Post-Judgment Litigation Related to College Tuition and Costs
  • Post-Judgment Litigation Related to the Out of State Relocation of Children

Prenuptial Agreements (Premarital Agreements)

A prenuptial agreement can safeguard your future, protect your property, save you money, reduce conflicts, and clarify your agreements in the event of divorce. Contact an experienced New Jersey prenuptial lawyer to discuss the pros and cons of prenuptial agreements. We can draft an agreement on your behalf, or review the agreement that you have been asked to sign.

Unwed Parents / Unmarried Parents

The Law Office of Donna Levinston Braff also represents unwed parents with issues concerning custody, child support, parenting time, and visitation schedules.

Juvenile Delinquency Problems (Juvenile Crimes)

In New Jersey, cases involving children charged with crimes are handled in the family court. If your child is accused of a crime or an act of juvenile delinquency, it is imperative to obtain representation from a Central Jersey juvenile defense attorney who understands the unique procedures of juvenile court.

Name Changes

We can assist you in the legal process of changing your name in New Jersey. Contact the Law Office of Donna Levinston Braff for more information about legal name changes.

Family Law Services to the LGBTQ Community

For many years, the Law Office of Donna Levinston Braff has welcomed members of the LGBTQ community struggling with family law and estate planning issues. If you have questions regarding LGBTQ issues in the area of New Jersey family law or estate planning, call 908-725-3000 or contact us (link to Contact Us page) online to schedule your initial consultation. New clients receive the first 30 minutes of the initial consultation free of charge.


Donna Levinston Braff has helped countless clients expand their families through adoption. New Jersey adoption is a complex and confusing process that requires a skilled lawyer who can efficiently guide you through the paperwork and administrative duties required for name changes, background checks, and a new birth certificate. We strive to make the experience as stress free as possible for our clients.

  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Agency Adoptions
  • Foreign Re-adoptions
  • Interstate Adoptions including Interstate Compact on Placement of Children (ICPC)
  • Same-Sex Adoptions/ Second Parent Adoptions
  • Private Placement Adoptions
  • Adult Adoptions
  • DCPP (Formerly DYFS-Division of Youth and Family Services) Adoptions

Donna’s Role in the Adoption of a Child with Cancer

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